That time a year

That time a year

Lady is showing John how it’s done standing extra nice when he is shearing his first sheep 🐑

After all are done the vet is going to come for a health check and blood samples to make sure our sheep are absolutely healthy.

We shear our sheep two times a year and they always like it to get the old wool off. Shearing sheep is not hard but to do it fast and well takes experience and skill.















Free range ducks enjoying the Sunday exploring the farm in The search for some nice worms and grubbs. Every day all day are the ducks outside or at least have the choice to be, rain nor sun stop a duck from looking for food. This is parts of our big breeding group of Blekingeducks and probably half of the purebred population in the whole world. They come in a multitude of colors and are unique adapted to the south Sweden climate. It’s also the best egg layer we figure out after trying multiple breeds but none measure up too this.
















Got this beautiful Calamondino variegated a few weeks back and now it’s being prepared for winter, a new pot and proper garden soil I find is the best way to get them to thrive.

It’s going to spend the winter with our bananas and other citrus trees in the new greenhouse in greenhouse. A few fruit are already on the plant and what is extra interesting is that the green in mature fruit are stripped in shades of green











Odla egen vitlök

Odla din egna vitlök, utsäde av flera moderna och gamla kultursorter


-Sibirian Red

-Estonian Red

-Tysk 1948

-Sotare Magnus








En lök eller motsvarande per kit 10-15 klyftor ungefär beroende på sort. 25 kr/kit

Avhämtning på gården eller REKO Ring Malmö på torsdagar 17:30-18:00













East Friesian Palm Kale

Time to look ahead for future summers, one of my favorite from this session was a new addition from @realseeds in the UK

East Friesian Palm Kale has everything you look for in a kale. It’s very vigorous and gets big despite us harvesting leafs during the summer and the flavor is the best both on the bigger and smaller leafs. It has a reputation for being really hardy and we are putting it to the test keeping them outside for the winter instead of overwintering them in the greenhouse good or bad spring will tell.

We select the 40-50 best plants when we grow seeds to insure that we have enough genetic diversity, this is really important if you grow your own seeds to maintain the good character of the variety. The work continues tomorrow with more plants being prepared for next years seed saving















Heavy heart

Ottawa the only one left of our very first cows are leaving us today , arriving on the farm a young heifer she is now the matriarch of the heard with more descendants than you can count. But age takes its toll and after a great summer it’s now time to leave the party going down in the history of the breed as one off the great ones. Her mom was the founder cow Arups Grace named after the farm she was born on and the actor Grace Jones @gracejonesofficial Ottawa got her name from a wordplay on the ear tag number she got number 80. Besides raising her own calf’s she has also been a surrogate mom for other calf’s and being one of our best milking cows being the teacher for numerous interns learning how to milk by hand.













Giant Bulgarian

Always surprised how easy it is to grow your own seeds. This is a new leek Giant Bulgarian that is almost impossible to find seeds of so if you want to grow it u need to produce your own seeds. Leeks are a two year plant where we usually only grow them for one year harvesting them in the autumn and winter. If you instead leave the in the garden or like we do keep them in our greenhouse house over the winter they will start flowering next spring each plant getting one tall stem with one big or rather a ball of several small flowers.

Then it’s only too wait for seeds to mature before harvest and drying off the seeds. For diversity reason we try to grow as many plants as we have space for this is a necessity for keeping the population off leeks healthy and with a broad genetic base.












Corn on the cob

Drying heritage corn Painted Mountain after a really good summer harvest despite it not being so warm

Corn originate from the Americans and some varieties need more sun and het to produce but you also have a few of these heritage corn that do well even in Sweden

Best is to eat them fresh but also easy to dry only peeling the leafs away from the cob an keeping them warm and well ventilated, you can keep them like they are for unique decorations or grind the corn to flour












Keeping in line with there ancestors Gabriella have fattened up over summer preparing for a long hard winter and too become a mum again and have enough resources to produce milk for the new calf. Farmers in olden times really struggled to find enough winter food for their animals so only the animals that had the ability to gain in weight during the rich summer survived the winter. Even if our cows now have plenty of food they still have that ability to gain weight fast during the grazing season











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